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The art of Jan Quintens 21.1.13

"Vijvers van Terlamen" - 26x17 cm

My granduncle, honorary pastor Joannes (Jan) Quintens, passed away recently at the respectable age of 95. He left an incredible amount of artwork (I suspect at least several thousands of items). Some said to me that the quantity he produced was better than the quality, but I have serious doubts about that because I have seen several wonderful pieces of art by his hand. The very interesting website of painters and illustrators from Limburg, Belgium has some examples of his art, and mentions the following details about his artistic life (translated to English):

H.P. Jan Quintens was mainly self taught. He regularly saw painters (a.o. Charles Wellens) at work in Terlamen, where he spent his youth. After his studies for priest, a lengthy sick leave gave rise to the creation of sketches and paintings. As the chaplain of Zonhoven, he came in contact with Armand Maclot, who taught him the technique of watercolour painting. In his spare time he took courses at the academy of Genk, the St.-Lucas school and the academy of Hasselt. He was in close contact with Humberto Wouters, whose work he enormously admired.
H.P. Jan Quintens was pastor at Termolen-Zonhoven from 1944 to 1959. Initially he painted Campine landscapes but after his appointment at Rapertingen (1959) he fell in love with the landscape of Haspengouw. In the beginning of the fifties he formed the artists group “Kempenmin” with artists from the region of Zonhoven (a.o. Humberto Wouters). Next to watercolour painting, gouaches and monotypes he explored the use of mixed media.
H.P. Jan Quintens took part of many art exhibitions, a.o. 1992: aquarels, oil paintings and monotypes in the cultural centre Zonhoven-Termolen, 1994: in the community home of Houthalen, 1979: artists from Hasselt in the year of the child in the cultural centre of Hasselt (with a.o. Paule Nolens, Pringels Leo), “Eleven Limburgian artists” in Sint-Truiden with about 50 works of a.o. Sylvain Douven and Quintens Jan, and exhibitions in Genk, Zolder, Rapertingen, Hasselt, Beringen and Borgloon. In 1992 he received the fourth price of the AN-HYP competition for aquarel, and in 1997, for his 80th birthday, the exhibition “Impressions of Turkey” was organised in the Tysmans museum. The diamond priest jubilee of H.P. Jan Quintens was celebrated on July 6, 2003, in the Sint-Martinus church in Houthalen.

Below (and at the top of this page) you can find some photographs of his work; items we selected recently from piles of paper, wood and paint. For a few of them, I found the corresponding view in Google Street View showing how the landscapes or buildings look today (of course without artistic interpretation). The entire photo gallery can be accessed at I hope you like them as much as I do.

"Grootloon in de lente" - 1976 - 75x55 cm

"Tongeren" - 25x30 cm

"Salers (Fr.)" - 1978 - 29x39 cm

"Herfst 2011" - 2011 - 25x25 cm

"Vijver" - 65x45 cm

"Sneeuw te Rapertingen" - 1995 - 61x41 cm

"Umbriƫ (Italiƫ)" - 1994 - 75x55 cm

"Heikleuter van Termolen" - 30x35 cm

Untitled - 39x49 cm

Untitled - 38x28 cm

"Kerstmis" - 70x50 cm
5 Bart Rogiers: The art of Jan Quintens " Vijvers van Terlamen " - 26x17 cm My granduncle, honorary pastor Joannes (Jan) Quintens,  passed away  recently at the re...

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