Saturday, 11 February 2012

Online 3D geological modelling 11.2.12

I first heard of this app called "Visible Geology" when someone posted it on our KU Leuven Geology Facebook group. I tried it out yesterday, to illustrate some geological settings and concepts I'm dealing with nowadays, and here are the results.
First thing I tried was to recreate the actual stratigraphy (indicative; actual setting is of course more complex) within the Neogene aquifer at the Nete basin, Belgium. I tilted the layers, and tried to roughly recreate the main topographical trend with a distinct hill present in the SW, representing the Heist-op-den-berg, Beerzelberg and Putte remnant hills (see Fobe, 1995, for more details; or have a look at these:, Finally, I added a well and profile to the model, resulting in the image on top of this post. In map view, this is what you get:

The legend was however added afterwards, since there is no option to include this. However, development seems to be quite active because I already noticed some changes since my first visit. Moreover, you can suggest things on your wishlist within the app! The full 3D model can be found here. Some more examples for the same stratigraphical setting:

Of course, you can make more complex settings as well. Here's a challenge: can you reconstruct the geological history of the model below? Click here for a full 3D view. Searching for it within the app allows you to check the history, and adapt all settings!

It is also possible to embed the actual interactive 3D models (albeit with an iframe tag) in html code! I didn't include them here though, since they require quite some time to load. Have fun creating your own!


  • Fobe, B. (1995). Litologie en litostratigrafie van de Formatie van Kasterlee (Plioceen van de Kempen). Natuurwetenschappelijk tijdschrift, 75(2), 35-45.
5 Bart Rogiers: Online 3D geological modelling I first heard of this app called " Visible Geology " when someone posted it on our KU Leuven Geology Facebook group . I tried ...

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